Enid Balam

Enid Balám is a mexican comic artist and his work as debutant was in the fourth tome "Cutting Edge" Saga for French publishing house Delcourt in 2015,  As an author, Enid worked for Humanoids L.A. on their OMNI miniseries, later he was hired by Titan Comics, to illustrate ExtraOrdinary a graphic novel alongside acclaimed writer V.E.Schwab and Blade Runner Black Lotus,  during this period, he was requested by Marvel comics to be in charge the following mini-series titles as lead artist: Reptil, Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Marvel voices,  George R.R.M's Wild Cards, New Mutants Lethal Legion. Currently, Balám is working on an exciting Spider Gwen mini-series, a beloved character from the Spider-verse franchise. 

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