Mike  DeCarlo

Mike DeCarlo entered the comics industry as an assistant to Dick Giordano. When Giordano became an editor at DC Comics in 1980, DeCarlo became an inker in his own right. DeCarlo inked the penciled artwork of George Pérez on "The Judas Contract" storyarc in Tales of the Teen Titans with Giordano. He inked the Legion of Super-Heroes from 1986 to 1988 first with Greg LaRocque and then briefly with Keith Giffen. As inker of the Batman comic book series, DeCarlo worked on several key storylines including the "Ten Nights of The Beast" which introduced the KGBeast; "A Death in the Family" which featured the death of the second Robin Jason Todd and "A Lonely Place of Dying" which saw Tim Drake become the third Robin. In 2014.

At Marvel Comics, DeCarlo inked Conan the BarbarianNFL SuperProThe Mighty Thor, and What The--?

Bongo Comics Group's Radioactive Man series received an Eisner Award in 2002 for "Best Humor Publication" while DeCarlo was one of the artists.

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